New and innovative wireless Apple AirPods

Get a jumpstart on your Christmas shopping and find  the best tech gifts at Best Buy.

For the Apple-lover that wants the latest get the new and innovative wireless Apple AirPods from Best Buy. AirPods pair instantly with any device and switch between devices flawlessly.  You can wear them while driving and answer calls with an easy play/pause. The perfect fit headphones that will stay on and not  fall even if you take them to the gym. The sound is crisp and clear and makes your music sound good. Battery died? No worries it will charge back quickly. The best headphone to wear for long hours and feel comfortable.

For the in need of an assistant, simplify their life with  Google Home from Best Buy. A voice activated speaker follows commands flawlessly, with an easy “Ok, Google.”Google Home acts like an assistant when you have your hands full or can’t reach for your phone. It provides answers to questions, plays music and reminds about appointments/events. Google Home pairs with Apple and Android devices. It can a voice command from any room in your home. No need to to make calls yourself anymore just  ask your new assistant. Google Home is space saving, easy to use and reliable when it comes to voice recognition. It’s the perfect way to have fun at home and get extra motivation to get through the day,

For multitaskers that love touchscreen laptops a good option is Samsung – 12.3″ Chromebook Plus from Best Buy. A 2 in a 1 laptop or tablet, your choice. Chromebook powers on fast and loads pages quickly with a powerful  Chrome OS processor. A long lasting battery of up to 10 hours in laptop mode. The addition of the built-in pen will help you unfold your creativity and create perfect images. This Chromebook has a stunning and bright display for playing videos. Very lightweight in a slim design and only weighs  2.38 pounds. Also, Android apps are fully supported on this chromebook. Perfect laptop/tablet for on the go or at home.

For the I’ll work on my health and fitness next year” go for  a Fitbit – Charge 2 Activity Tracker + Heart Rate from Best Buy. Fitbit tracks all day’s activities and workouts automatically. It has guided breathing sessions to help you feel more relaxed and at peace. Comfortable design with a large display will help achieve  fitness goals. Fitbit will keep you moving and active with vibration reminders. The band is interchangeable to create different looks everyday. Fitbit is not water-resistant so it can’t be used in shower or swimming pool. Very comfortable band you won’t want to take it off and go to sleep wearing it. Sync with your phone to see additional information about your daily activities or sleeping pattern. Fitbit will assign daily goals to keep you on track to achieving major ones.

Before you know it will be time for Christmas, so get an early start and get  get tech gifts at Best Buy.